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Portfolio of the photographer and artist Joshua Evan. Selected Works including photography, photomontage, moving image and installation.


Nominated for best Art / Animation film, Portobello Film Festival, 2015

We are a society obsessed with consumption. From the latest electronic gadgets to fashion clothing to out-of-season foods. Need it or not, we want it all, now. Consumption is shaping our lives, our world, our future. We consume, it’s what we do.

In this collaborative project with the artist Antonis Sideras (Botch), we present an overwhelming scene of a man suffocating from his perpetual demand for consumption, and aim to instigate a discourse: Are we consumed by consumption?

Original concept, costume and performance by Antonis Sideras (Botch)

Produced, directed, filmed and edited by Joshua Evan

Consumption is best viewed in a quiet environment or with the use of headphones as sound levels have been kept deliberately low throughout.

Consumption, 2015 | Video | 5 minutes 34 seconds
Moving ImageJoshua Evan