There'll Always Be

There’ll Always Be | single-channel full HD video | colour, sound | 48 seconds | 2019

Brexit seems to have evolved into much more than the United Kingdom leaving the European Union. It is a shift in attitudes and values, one which appears to be sweeping the world. For many people it evokes memories of a time when nationalism dominated and empire was prized. Where multiculturalism and inclusiveness were relatively unheard of and diversity unvalued.

Nicknamed “Maybot” due to her repetition of meaningless phrases such as “strong and stable government” or “Brexit means Brexit”, the British Prime Minister Theresa May is seen dancing repetitively and awkwardly on stage to the song ‘There’ll Always Be An England’, a song which became popular at the beginning of the Second World War due to it evoking a sense of patriotism amongst the British population. A song which talks about nationalism and the strength of empire, beliefs which many believe led to World War II, a war which devastated Europe and ultimately led to the formation of the European Union.

Is the past our future?

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