Order, Order

Order, Order | single-channel full HD video (also available as a sound installation) | colour, sound | 3 minutes | 2019

Brexit, a monumental act of self-harm, the result of a narrowly won referendum where the people were misled and deceived. The social and financial impact will be felt for generations, as it tears apart one of the world’s oldest democracies and divides its people. Dangerous undercurrents are surfacing, people are experiencing anxiety, uncertainty is abundant and disorder is the order of the day. The government is in disarray, the opposition is no better. Watching events unfold is like watching a never-ending game of tug of war, but there is no winner.

In this video, two and a half years of some of the most important speeches from the House of Commons parliamentary debates on Brexit are distilled into 3 minutes. The voices are many and opinions varied. As the politicians speak and disrupt one another, their speeches blend into a chaotic chorus of voices, with only fragments of them identifiable. And the ever-present Speaker of the House, John Bercow is there, trying to keep the politicians in line using his famous catch-phrase “order, order”. Meanwhile the flag of the United Kingdom gently waves, being pulled in all directions at an increasingly fast pace, as the Brexit deadline looms.

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