Artist Statement

Using video, sound, photography, and installation, my work explores the convergence of digital technologies, popular culture and human behaviour. I am currently interested in the nature of public personas, our culture of curation, and the corruption of memory in an age of digital technology.

In our closely interconnected world there exists contested territories of the private and public, of intimacy and distance, of truth and deception. We look into the lives of others, we watch and we participate through devices which connect us to the hive. We socialise about intimate matters from our many points of physical disconnection, disclosing meaningful and personal information with strangers. We consume an idealistic and curated view of people's lives and world around us whilst broadcasting our own self-curated life. More than ever we are experiencing life through technology, but in this social arena, what is real?

Drawing from archives of often unrelated found and original source media, I create digital audio and visual montages through layering, manipulation and repeated experiments in process. Discovery is part of the process, imperfections are embraced and possibilities arise in the abilities of making. Collaborations with other artists also fuel my creative exploration.

My making process and the breadth of topics that interest me have led some people to call me a "digital magpie". That I cannot argue with. However while I have many parallel interests, what ties them together is that they talk about what it feels like to be alive today.

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