Joshua Evan:

Born in Sydney, Australia. Lives in London, United Kingdom. Makes video art and experimental films, with occasional forays into internet art, sound art, mail art, book art, and photography. A penchant for fringe over mainstream and the weird side of the internet.
Artist CV what I've done say hello, or not, up to you

Video Art & Experimental Films

A Circular Image collab w/ Leanne Staples (2021)
Of Forgotten Dreams collab w/ Leanne Staples (2019)
A Door Opening collab w/ Leanne Staples (2019)
A Delicious Tease collab w/ Leanne Staples (2019)
There'll Always Be empire and nationalism... such bullshit (2019)
Silence collab w/ Leanne Staples (2019)
Order, Order disorder is the order of the day (2019)
Glitch Affairs it's quite the glitch in the matrix (2018)
Brexit Means... ??? (2018)
Like (Analytica Special) in celebration of privacy lost and a population manipulated (2018)
Tragedy / Comedy collab w/ Antonis Sideras (2018)
Fine-tune 2018
Treadmill 2017
Consumption collab w/ Antonis Sideras (2015)

Mail Art

2020 2020 collection
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Internet Art

Watching you are being watched! (2021)
Eternal Scream 'cos sometimes you just have to (2020)
Biggest Ass the world's biggest ass (2020)
In Fried Chicken We Trust what else is there? (2020)
WTF it's all in the name... (2020)
Loading tedium at its finest (2019)
Not My Brexit when code protests (2019)
Chasing Likes you know you do it... (2019)
Attention Span they say social media has lowered them (2019)

Art Zines & Publications

Of Forgotten Dreams digital zine, collab w/ Leanne Staples (2020)